Welcome to an overview of Johnson Leadership Coaching services.


One-on-one coaching is the heart and core of the services available to help you become the leader you’re meant to be.

Individual coaching typically occurs in a series of weekly or semi-weekly sessions over a period of three to nine months. Conversations can take place in person or over the phone—both are equally effective. We start with a clear, jointly designed, set of outcomes, so you have a defined roadmap to chart your progress. Together, we devise a plan for moving forward. Goals are revisited on a regular basis to assess progress and make adjustments as needed. More on Leadership & Life Coaching

If you are ready to make significant changes in your professional future, with the support of a partner who can help you see and achieve your professional goals, these coaching scenarios might be just what you’re looking for.


Want a taste of a new way of being a leader? Johnson Leadership Coaching workshops and group coaching sessions are engaging ways to see your leadership in a new light. Let’s explore the possibilities! More on Workshops


Discover how connecting with your physical self can help you be a more trusted leader. If you’re a coach or leader who wants to expand your awareness and capability, together we’ll explore using somatic practices for increased effectiveness. More on Somatics


Emotional intelligence principles are key to leadership success and underlie all of my coaching and training. I also provide workshops and coaching with 360 assessment and feedback. More on Emotional Intelligence